A North Side Story

There are some that believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, like the dropping population numbers, the fact we have our own, albeit crappy, superhero, and that St. Louis’s crime issue isn’t as bad as folks like us make it out to be.

To those people, we present this, the saddest, craziest story we’ve heard of…so far this week:

In short, a group of people gathered in the street for a vigil for their slain family member and friend last week. During the vigil, cars pulled up and began firing shots at the crowd of mourners, prompting return fire from some attending the vigil, while others, like 21-year old Kiara Saffold, tried to run for cover, but during her escape she was hit by a car that just kept on driving. Kiara was in the hospital in serious condition and then died Saturday afternoon.

A murder, that led to a gun fight that led to a hit-and-run. Thank god these assholes were horrible shots or it could have been a lot worse. Maybe that can be our new tourism slogan “St. Louis: You’ve got a fighting chance because none of us are very good shots!”

Nah…we’re good on the crime stuff here in the city. Go ahead and book that extra aging early 90’s band for Fair St. Louis! You’ve earned the time to relax city government, and the Barenaked Ladies are here to take your cares away!

via KMOV