Deadly Highways: Drive Through Missouri if You Dare

There is no one out there on the internet that is better than the old linkbait list than the Daily Beast. Here we go falling for it again.

In their latest list, they poured over fatal accident data from the National Highway Safety Administration to determine what chunks of interstate roads were, statistically, the most dangerous.

Some roads are more dangerous than others—reckless or distracted drivers seem to congregate on certain highway corridors, while poor road maintenance is another common cause of collisions. We crunched the numbers for five years of accident data, courtesy of the NHSA, from nearly 250 stretches of interstate highways to find out which roads are the most deadly, mile-for-mile.

Out of the top 100, Missouri had four.

#85, I-55

In-state miles: 210.45

Fatal accidents: 108

Fatal accidents per mile: 0.51

Total fatalities: 124

#56, I-44

In-state miles: 290.49

Fatal accidents: 190

Fatal accidents per mile: 0.65

Total fatalities: 233

#42, I-70

In-state miles: 251.66

Fatal accidents: 201

Fatal accidents per mile: 0.80

Total fatalities: 226

# 17, I-64

In-state miles: 14.69

Fatal accidents: 16

Fatal accidents per mile: 1.07

Total fatalities: 17

Wait. Only 14.69 miles of Highway 64 is in Missouri? That doesn’t seem right. That would mean that Highway 64 ceases to exist west of 170, but according to Google Maps, 64 goes all the way out to O’Fallon, MO’s Highway K intersection, which would undoubtedly drop its deadly #17 ranking down a few pegs. Sure we could just believe The Daily Beast’s numbers but Google holds all our email for us, so we are siding with them.

Possible data errors aside, none of this surprises us. But that’s a given right? Every other state on this list right now has some blogger going off on how no one in their state can drive, but guess what? No one can drive all that well. It’s one of those lame-ass universal jokes, like that wobbly wheel on your shopping cart, the differences between men and women or how white people be trippin’. It’s lowest common denominator stuff and I’ll be damned if this site turns in to a Rob Schneider movie.

We’d much rather be a cheesy Lifetime movie staring pre-cocaine Yasmine Bleeth. …except replace the words “cheesy Lifetime movie” with “thong”.

via The Daily Beast