If You Used a Valet at the Hyatt, Your Car is Famous!

For all the awesome things the internet does, one of its greatest powers is always overlooked.  “What is this power?” you ask so this article will flow the way I want it to…  Well catching people committing crimes when they post a video of them doing it on YouTube like freaking morons!

Kyle O’Brien didn’t know anything had happened to his 2004 Dodge until he saw his car being abused on FOX 2 Tuesday night, “I’m not freaking out about it, but it isn’t that funny,” says OBrien. “I would just think a valet service at a nice hotel would have to have more responsibility.”

Someone calling himself “valet underground” posted dozens of videos on YouTube, showing fancy cars being driven to the extreme in a parking garage about six months to a year ago.

Clearly when you are valet, there are extreme steps you must take to feel like a man before going to home to mom’s house to play World of Warcraft before spanking it to old issues of Teen People.

Now the YouTube account for “valet underground” has been closed and the Hyatt is looking for a new valet company, and that guy’s car got to drive over the speed limit for once so everyone’s a winner!

A copy of the video obtained by Fox2 has been embedded below.  Its like a rap video, but with less chicks but more four-door sedans…really nice family cars.  You know its funny, all those kids rappers have but none of them drive cars that you can easily get a car seat in and out of.