Beauty is in the Eye of the Crazy Letter-Writing Beholder

Oh Post Dispatch Letters to the Editor, how I love you.  Every time a little bit of civic pride and love for my fair city starts to creep in to my heart, there  you are, displaying the crack pottiest letters from only the most sad individuals that think writing to their local newspaper still means something.

Take John Bell.

He hates the new Citygarden.

It looks like this:


We think John Bell probably looks like this:


Here is his letter, “That new front yard looks like junk“:

I wonder when the officials of the city will get some sense and realize that not everyone appreciates modern art (a.k.a. junk) and quit cluttering up the downtown park with stuff that makes people want to stay away from there. I hope they realize they have just given the citizens of St. Louis one more reason not to report for jury duty. What do you expect if you are forced to look at something that you don’t like in the least? I assumed the city officials had learned their lesson after all the negative responses to another piece of junk (about a block away from the new stuff) that was put in several years ago.

John Bell

St. Louis

My favorite part is when he uses the art in Citygarden as an excuse for citizens to skip jury duty.

For everyone other than Johnny, Citygarden opens officially on July 1st and we thinks looks much better than another crappy crusty building downtown.  Its located on 2 blocks (8th and 10th) between Chestnut and Market.  If parking didn’t suck so bad, I’d love to head down there and check it out, but for those that work downtown, it seems like a great place to eat your lunch…and to watch the people that show up for jury duty only to be scared by the art and run away.