Sing to Fox2’s Liking and You MIGHT Get to Stand in Line For the Real Tryout in Denver.

Lets do it St. Louis!  Grab that fat daughter of yours that you tell has a pretty voice but we all know she doesn’t, put her in cut-off jean shorts so short they look like a thong on her and lets make her a star!  American Idol tryouts are coming back to town on July 7th!

Wait wait wait…no.  Fox2 is just going to exploit their Fox connection to make you think you are auditioning for American Idol.  From the Fox2 site: (emphasis mine)

The best singer could win a guaranteed audition in Denver, Colorado on July 14th!

Wow.  Seems like a lock.  Awesome.

For the rest of us, get ready to take a break from watching Fox2 that day because all they are going to be doing is having John Pertzborn and Randi Naughton do their best impression of actual entertaining people while talking about American Idol and then pitching 7,000 different times to Tim “I swear the title character of Bruce Almighty is based off of me” Ezell where he will do something wacky with the first fame-whoring chicks he can find in line…I’m going to guess that he’s going to “tryout” for them which means he’ll purposely sing badly which will be soooo funny!

Its going to be so awesome.