Some Piece From Gossip Girl is From St. Louis


That vacant stare.  That “I’m actually ok looking but at least I put in a little extra time with the makeup and hair so I’m decent looking and when you are drunk tonight you will think I’m the hottest girl on the planet but you’ll regret it because since I know I’m not actually all that great looking, I’m going to cling to you like I’m drowning.” vibe.  This broad is from St. Louis isn’t she?!

Yup, she sure is.

She’s Taylor Momsen from the hit (?) show Gossip Girl on that channel that no one really watches where they keep Rich Gould in cold storage in case something happens to Martin Kilcoyne.

According from her IMDB page she’s been in…Gossip Girl…and high school.  Pretty much it, but apparently she’s a big deal now.

One quick warning though dudes: She’s 16.  …and on that note, her’s a pic of her whole body at the Transformers 2: This Movie Sucked Even Though Megan Fox Is In It premiere.


Here’s her Twitter profile if you are in to that kind of thing.