WIL Jocks Make More Than Arch Jocks

Saw this little note over on fellow gossip maven site STLMedia:

Even though they are both owned by Bonneville, on-air folks at WIL make much more money than those at #1 WARH.

Maybe AFTRA affiliation is good for something, but you can bet there’s some chafing at WARH.

So maybe this is surprising to some people, it wasn’t here.  Yes, its true our fair editor has a connection to radio parent company Bonneville as he was previously an employee, but that doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t take much thought to figure out that 92.3 WIL is a personality driven station, just look at the marketing.  106.5 the Arch however is just the opposite.  Sure they have great talent on there, but its not the focus, the music is.  The Arch didn’t get to #1 by pimping Van and Rick or Michelle Steele, they did it by creating a station you turn on when you get to your office and leave it on all day.  It’s background music.

So…of course WIL jocks get more money.  Its as simple to figure out as the old TV commercials or the billboards.

Is it right?  Yeah, probably.

Are the Arch jocks pissed about it?  Maybe, but we haven’t heard anything to that effect. (Let me know if I’m wrong though)

Does anyone out there really care either way?  Eh, probably not.