A Homeless Guy Walking Down 270 Finally Got a Mail Delivery

You know that important bill you not going to get? No? Oh, well…it’s on 270 by Dorsett Road. We’re sure it will be fine though, we hear mortgage companies are usually pretty chill on stuff like that.

U.S. Postal Inspector Dan Taylor says the back door of a tractor trailer popped open on Interstate 270 near Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The truck continued onto Interstate 55 to Ste. Genevieve spilling hundreds of peices of mail along the way.

The mail came from a distribution center in Maryland Heights heading for Memphis, Tennessee. Nevermind, you probably will get your mortgage bill, but any out-going mail may be in jeopardy. Face it though, if you’re still using real mail, then your old and it won’t really matter because you’ve already forgotten you sent it.

Either way, authorities believe that most, if not all, of the mail has been recovered.

A $40 Million dollar government task force has been formed to research the result, if any, of double-checking to see if a mail truck’s back door is latched before driving away will help alleviate this type of mail loss in the future.

via KSDK