Spilled Chicken Parts Cause Traffic on Interstate 70

Traffic slowed for east-bound rush hour drivers Monday evening after a truck driver spilled his load all over the place, causing an environmental firm to come up and clean up the mess. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because a different truck driver did the same thing to your mother last night. The cargo was described as vaguely as “chicken parts”. Chicken parts that we’re assuming were scraped in to a pile on the road, with each one individually blown on while being held with two fingers…and then thrown back in to the truck. [Read More]

Chicken Parts Spread Across Highway 40 From Mystery Truck

If you noticed your drive down highway 40 through Chesterfield on Tuesday had a new chicken smell overpowering the usual stink of fast food chains and the ever-present fear of a levy breaking. Though, if you drive past Chick-Fil-A, you may not have noticed. Chesterfield Police Lt. Steve Lewis says police are still looking for the truck that dropped a giant load of chicken parts in the eastbound lanes near the Timberlake Manor Parkway exit about 4:30 p. [Read More]