Chicken Parts Spread Across Highway 40 From Mystery Truck

If you noticed your drive down highway 40 through Chesterfield on Tuesday had a new chicken smell overpowering the usual stink of fast food chains and the ever-present fear of a levy breaking. Though, if you drive past Chick-Fil-A, you may not have noticed. Chesterfield Police Lt. Steve Lewis says police are still looking for the truck that dropped a giant load of chicken parts in the eastbound lanes near the Timberlake Manor Parkway exit about 4:30 p. [Read More]

Highway 40 is Still Just a Road Right?

If you read the tweets last night or watched the news today you would have thought the new chunk of highway 40 that opened yesterday came with free ice cream at every onramp and it was lined with thousands of hot naked chicks washing each other. “I’m right here by the new Hampton overpass and anxious drivers and pouring on to the new highway as we speak…” “The east bound onramp is open and we are at XXX are the first to merge on! [Read More]