Spilled Chicken Parts Cause Traffic on Interstate 70

Traffic slowed for east-bound rush hour drivers Monday evening after a truck driver spilled his load all over the place, causing an environmental firm to come up and clean up the mess. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because a different truck driver did the same thing to your mother last night.

The cargo was described as vaguely as “chicken parts”. Chicken parts that we’re assuming were scraped in to a pile on the road, with each one individually blown on while being held with two fingers…and then thrown back in to the truck. 5 hour rule dude. You’re not going to taste it after a few dunks in that think BBQ sauce packet anyway.

KMOX described the situation thusly…

For most of the evening motorists, East bound on I-70  in North St. Louis had to deal with what may go down as a once in a lifetime event.

Well hold on there skippy. This is hardly a “once in a lifetime event”. Not for this state. Not in this year.

February: Truck Spills 20 Tons of Mayonaise on I-44 Near Springfield

April: Tractor-Trailer Spills Mystery Meat All Over Highway 70 in St. Peters

June: Onions Spilled on Interstate 55 as Missouri’s Truck Spilled Sandwich Nears Completion

As you can see there at the end, we were pretty sure Missouri’s truck drivers were making a giant highway sandwich with the mayo, onions and meat…but “chicken parts”?! Now we’re not so sure. However, we are sure that spilling food or a food like substance in on a Missouri highway or interstate is far from a rare thing this year. Hell, we still have 3 months to go! Lots of time left for some ranch dressing or Easy Cheese spillage to put the finishing touch on this meal.

If anyone has some good recipes that use these ingredients, send them our way!

via KMOX