Onions Spilled on Interstate 55 as Missouri’s Truck Spilled Sandwich Nears Completion

This morning people were crying over the traffic as it ground to a halt because of yet another truck spilling it’s payload all over the highway and the aroma the payload left behind.

A truck lost a load of onions on I-55 just north of the 7th Street/Park exit, north of where [I-44 and I-55] merge south of downtown.

After clearing the onions themselves off to the shoulder, crews called in a street sweeper to clean up the juice left over after hundreds were run over by vehicles. Apparently onion juice is very slick.

First we had the mayo spill in February, then the bratwurst spill in April and now the June onions? So far, the Missouri truck drivers’ plot to make a giant spilled-on-the-street sandwich in 2011 sounds delicious! Someone tell the cheese truck driver he has until August and the bread guy we need him to drive through around November.

We’re not trying to be picky, but if someone could hijack a Grey Poupon truck, we would really appreciate it. Totally makes the sandwich.

via KMOX