Cupcake Project Unveils Man’s Greatest Achievement to Date: The Buffalo Chicken Cupcake

Fire and the wheel are totally important and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them, but dude…Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes exist now and that’s just too awesome to ignore. But a big thank you to “fire” which helped bake them, and to “the wheel” for…uh…well we’re pretty sure there’s a wheel involved behind the scenes somewhere.

Here’s to Stef, the St. Louisan behind Cup Cake, and our new favorite person ever.

I didn’t expect them to be particularly good.

When my house started to smell like buffalo wings (there was no chicken involved at this point), I knew I had the flavor right.  When I took a lick of my cupcake batter-laden finger, I began to suspect that I was going to like the buffalo chicken cupcakes.

We previously thought the internet would never produce anything more desirable than crazy websites full of asian porn, but here we are staring just as intently at our monitor, but for a cupcake…drooling and self-touching levels are about the same as well.

via Cup Cake Project (Yes, the recipe is there, and yes, feel free to make some for us.)