Guy That Escaped Meth House Explosion Gets Busted Via Facebook

Guy That Escaped Meth House Explosion Gets Busted Via Facebook

A meth lab explosion in Cahokia ended with two men arrested soon after and a third, Gary Morrison, who initially eluded capture, and found the time to update his Facebook profile with a photo of his charred face. A photo that police say will definitely be used against him in his up-coming court case.

“It is one of the few times in my 20-year law enforcement career when we have gathered evidence like this using Facebook,” Detective Joe Beliveau said.

…which would stand to reason, since Facebook has only been around for 8 years. At the time we’re sure this sounded like an interesting quote from a long-time law man, but it really doesn’t make sense or carry much weight when you think about it. It’s like saying “In my 20 years of Policin’ I’ve never seen a man killed while wearing a shirt that says ‘The Current Year is 2012’. Wild stuff!”

Along with a photo of his blistered face, Gary also included a pretty decent caption:

“I will tell you exactly what he posted.  He said ‘look at my face, it can meth you up,'” Beliveau said.

Pretty good right?! That’s a way better line than we would have assumed a meth-cooker could come up with and we would have loved to drop an awkward “Like” button click on that comment…but then felt weird about it and “Un-liked” real quick to make sure it didn’t already show up on our profile because what am I “liking” there? Meth usage? The funny comment? Sure we could do a comment explaining our like, but that’s so lame. Facebook is hard.

Alas the incriminating photo is no longer on Gary’s profile, but his hilarious linking to “Hard Knocks University” in the education section remains. He also left up his “awesome” picture of Jesus arm wrestling Satan in the clouds photo and judging by Gary’s meth facial and current incarceration we can probably guess that Jesus could stand to do a little more upper body work in the gym.

via KMOV