The Mysterious Running Wilderness Man of the Loop’s Ice Festival

The Mysterious Running Wilderness Man of the Loop’s Ice Festival

While seemingly every other blog was off covering the weekend’s “Cardinals Winter Warm-Up” we decided we’d grab our camera and cover the weekend’s forgotten event, the Loop’s Ice Festival.

We took a bunch of pictures which we could post here and have a few people find mildly entertaining, but we just can’t do that. It just wouldn’t hold a candle to the photos (and video!) we have of the man we’re calling the “Mysterious Running Wilderness Man” who came in a very close second in the morning’s 5k race only to promptly dance to the music and try to high-five people that had little to no interest in high-fiving him.

Here he is high-fiving this guy who was out of breath and had his hands on his head. A little thing like that isn’t going to stop our man from going for the elbow high-five anyway, which prompted the polite but late return you see here:

Here’s another shot of our wilderness man trying a second time to high-five this young girl after his first attempt was decidedly unsatisfactory, all while three people stared at the situation from afar.

Despite his early failures, the rate of runners crossing the finish line started to increase and he saw his chance for high-five glory…as well as a chance to dance to a Michael Jackson classic. Luckily, we have video:

We’re not sure we’ve ever been that happy, especially after running 3 miles on a Saturday before noon, but we’re glad someone is. Dance on Wilderness Running Man! High five!