Missouri Governor Hopeful Dave Spence Smartly Tried to Hide Home Economics Major

Missouri Governor Hopeful Dave Spence Smartly Tried to Hide Home Economics Major

Dave Spence is a Missouri businessman trying to make a run at the Governor’s office, leaning on the slogan “A Conservative for Missouri” which is brillant because we really don’t have many of those around here and he would really be a shock to those liberal hippies that usually the Missouri state government. Regardless, his plan might have worked had he managed to successfully hide his true college major behind his cloak of “important word dropping”.

STLToday’s Jake Wagman reporting:

On his campaign website, Republican Dave Spence, the plastics guru running for governor, says he “earned a degree in Economics” from the University of Missouri.

That may be true — but it is not entirely accurate.

According to the university, Spence’s degree is not in economics. It is in home economics.

The school says that Spence majored in family economics and management — also called consumer economics —which earned him a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Home Economics in 1981.

Well way to go Mary! Something tells us that Dave went around saying that he was in it for the chicks, but one look at those chubby cheeks and you know it was for all the homework cookies.

Spence said Monday that, while at Mizzou, his grades did not meet the threshold to enter the Business School. So he chose a different academic path that would allow him to graduate on time.

“I was not the greatest student in the world,” Spence said. “I’ll make fun of myself: I was a 60-watt bulb in a 100-watt society.”

Your future Missouri Governor!

Granted you don’t need a specific degree to be a good leader, but admitting that you had to take the easy route to get out of college isn’t something we’d be admitting if we wanted to be in charge of a whole state. Where does this slippery slope lead us? “Someone mentioned that this bill had a bunch of stuff about allowing some rich folks to establish a camp where they can capture, tag and release Puerto Ricans for hunting just outside of Columbia, but this thing just had a ton of pages in it. I’m sure it’s fine. Signed! …um, I’m just gonna put an “X” ok? Is that ok? *Ding* Oooh, my brownies are ready!”

Spence’s campaign website’s biography section has since been updated to reflect the truth.

via STLToday and Talking Points Memo