That’s a Lot of Fish Fries

That’s a Lot of Fish Fries

It’s Lent (for Christians anyway) and so begins fish fry season in our Catholic church laden town. So what’s a St. Louisan to do who wants to hit up as many fish fries as possible? Well grab your defibrillator and head over to Craves, Caves and where some awesome individual has taken the task of detailing as many local fish fries as he can find.

Today I was looking for a fish fry in the area of a trivia night we are doing on Friday night (that may be the most “St Louis” sentence I’ve ever typed) and I had to mentally map out parishes between my house and the trivia night, and then look them up. There is no central fish fry website, as far as I can find, and my Google-fu is strong.

This is called giving back to the community, and we kinda feel like we helped since we’re telling you about this cool thing this other guy girl [Editor’s Note: Whoops!] is doing. We’re good people, and we believe that no matter what that homeless guy said in between us kicking him in the ribs. Like he didn’t have enough quarters already?! Look, everyone knows it totally sucks when you get to the Quiktrip and you don’t have enough change for the fountain soda. Oh just break my $20? Whatever homeless guy. We can tell by your several coats you have no idea what kind of a pain it is to break a $20, so don’t act like you do!

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