Oh Sure, Blame the Fake Pot Now

The guy that ran in to the St. Peters church screaming and knocking over people the other day, has blamed all of his actions on fake pot. Yup, fake pot. Had to have been the fake pot. Oh and let us guess, he ran in to the church to get help right?

Police said [Dustin W. Ostmann] told them he had smoked a sythetic marijuana called “Knock Out.” They said frightening hallucinations led him randomly to the church to seek help. Once there, though, he ran screaming through the halls, pushed down a 14-year old, threw a table at a 71-year-old and assaulted a 61-year-old, police said. They said the final assault victim restrained Ostmann.


So lets get this straight, Dusty here lit up the fake “Knock Out” pot, started trippin’ balls, and so he hopped in the car and drove to the local church for help. Not to the hospital, or a friend’s house, or a just not driving anywhere and just waiting out the “Knock Out”…a freaking church. What was the church going to do? Was Dustin hoping for a medieval church possibly? Did he assume one of the old folks he knocked down was going to have some leaches on them?

Seriously though, that fake pot sounds like a great time. Nothing like lighting up a pouch full of god knows what only to hallucinate, hope in our car and somehow not kill yourself just long enough to end up in a church with a 61 year old man on top of you. Priests are going to by this stuff in droves! “Knock Out brownies in the rectory! Free for all alter boys!”

via STLToday