Take That First Baptist Church of St. Peters!

You really can’t fault a man for executing a perfect plan. Drive up to a church, nearly hitting the building, hop out and run screaming in to the building knocking old people out of the way until the police arrive. Apart from forgetting to lick Jesus’ nipples on the crucifix statue, this plan went off without a hitch!

Officer Melissa Doss, a spokeswoman for St. Peters police, said the man arrested also pushed another person while inside the church, laid hands on a third person and verbally assaulted another.

The man was held down until police arrived, Doss said.

The sad thing is that if he would have just worked the phrase “God hates abortions!” in to his ramblings he would still be a free man as it would have been impossible to tell him from the rest of your average hard-core parishioners.

via STLToday