The Guy That Fell In Busch Stadium is Still in the Hospital…Oh Wait, Who Cares?

Dear News Outlets,

Seriously, why is this story still coming up?  It happened.  The dude didn’t die, you say it the one time as a segue from news to sports on the 10 o’clock news and thats it.  No more.  We don’t care.  Even the staff at the hospital, the people that help others for a living know that no one cares:

On Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Valerie Hoven said Hoffman remained in stable condition. She could not comment further on the man’s injuries or when he might be released.

[Source: Post Dispatch]

Hoven followed up with “Its not that we can’t tell you, its just that I would rather not talk about this because its really not that big of a deal.”  The only way this can be worth of is news is the fact that this doesn’t happen once a week over there.  Bunches of drunk dudes with unbalanced bodies and lots of frayed denim hanging off them just waiting to get snagged on something and rip their hairy backed owner, holding his deluxe nachos, on to the the rich people in the good seats below?

I’m honestly shocked that doesn’t happen enough to make it a every-game feature…like the “Kiss Cam”.