Video: Rams Fans Eating Turf at Last Game of Season

We already talked about this, but we found the video and just had to share.

Turns out after this incident occured the Rams said it was all on purpose!  They claim the two fans signed up for something called the “Rams Quaterback Experience” which entails you getting badly hurt while an actual Rams offensive lineman watches.

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The Guy That Fell In Busch Stadium is Still in the Hospital…Oh Wait, Who Cares?

Dear News Outlets, Seriously, why is this story still coming up? It happened. The dude didn’t die, you say it the one time as a segue from news to sports on the 10 o’clock news and thats it. No more. We don’t care. Even the staff at the hospital, the people that help others for a living know that no one cares: On Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Valerie Hoven said Hoffman remained in stable condition. [Read More]