The Wiggles are Coming!

The Wiggles are going to blow the lid of this one horse town on August 11th at the Chaifetz Arena.  Boosh!

Ok.  Honestly I have no freaking idea who these people are.  After 15 seconds of research, it seems to me that this concert is going to make Chaifez the place next to the parking lot full of mustachioed skinny, middle-aged white guys holding their binoculars with one hand (give it a second…) as they peer out of the window in the back of their van.

We at Punching Kitty would also like to caution the parents that although the Wiggles might seem like family fun now, eventually every big bad goes through a drug phase.  If it can happen to the Beatles, it can happen to the Wiggles.

In fact here’s their new video that leaked to YouTube moments ago: