Finding Love at Pridefest (by the Porta Potties)

Good luck to you buddy!  While others only hang out by the Porta Potties because they drastically miscalculated the amount of beer and fair food they could pack in to their colon, this guy uses that time to find love.  This is a guy that takes advantage of every situation!

Pride talked to you by the porta potties….. – m4m

I talked with you by the Porta potties about if you had been to the Latino Bar by 44. It ended up that you know the guy I was asking about. You said you were with your “Mother” but ended up to be a friend. Tell me what you said you “do” for a living and what yoru best asset on your body was? Pleaes send pic so I konw it was you.

This must have been a mysterious meet up by the porta potties judging by the amount of quotes around seemingly non-mysterious words.  I do hope this guy finds his missed connection, but if he doesn’t, our advantageous porta potty paramour has his bases covered as his missed connection continues!

hasselhoff~s600x600P.S. If the Life guard we both ended up chatting with see this……. Please get ahold of me…. Tell me something I will know that it was you»»»» i.e. what type of undies did wear.

I assume he meant “life guard” and “chatting.”

Dammit.  Nevermind the fact that they have lifeguards for some reason in Tower Grove Park, now I’m wondering what kind of underwear the lifeguard was wearing.