Missed Connections: You Saw Me Get Tazed

Sometimes you see a girl and there’s metaphorical sparks, other times there’s actual sparks. You saw me get tazed. – m4w – 27 (Galleria ) Hey baby, I’m sorry you had to see that, but you know I’m innocent girl. They ain’t put the receipt in the bag. Anyway, you were a stunning goddess, with more curves than a NASCAR track, and you seen it all go down. Drop a line for me, and I’ll show you that the whole ordeal left me electric. [Read More]

St. Louis’ Not-So-Missed Connections

Everyone knows and loves perusing Craigslist’s Missed Connections section, and while we don’t like to make a habit of it, we’re no different. It’s amazing how entertaining it is to read people’s desperate attempts to get a hold of someone that they met in a chance connection like checking out at a Schnucks or grabbing a bite to eat at a local White Castle. It’s also amazing how many people don’t seem to fully understand the intent of “Missed Connections”. [Read More]

Love Lost and Found in St. Louis

From time to time we like to dip in to the ole Missed Connections section in St. Louis’ own Craigslist. Why? Because these things are crazy stupid. Like KSDK airing a show about Cardinals highlights Thursday night during prime-time stupid. Denny’s South county (southcounty) Attractive blonde sitting with I assume was her husband, couldnt keep from looking at you, very sexy. Nothing like spending your dinner trying to avoid eye-contact from the creepy guy a few tables away that clearly never did get the hint to make Denny’s somehow suck even more. [Read More]

Don’t Hate the Craigslist Player, Hate the Craigslist Game

Here are our top 3 favorite current St. Louis Craigslist Missed Connections pick-up lines from the fellas: 3. “in the shower?” – m4w if u clicked on this chances are it is u i am looking for we joke about it often but never actully get in there but i wouldnt say a word if u really did get in there and to tell the truth i would like it i am quite sure let me know something that will make me know this is u [Read More]

Maybe Girls Just Don’t Like Retards…

Found last evening on St. Louis’ Craiglist Missed Connections section: to the girls on the hiway[sic] im[sic] their cars – m4w (interstates[sic]) every day i drive down the road.in a shiny jeep all decked out.and i see so many pretty ladies going by,shopping,to work,to who knows where.they are all fantastic looking.but do they look at me or anyone? “hiway”? “im their cars“? “they are all fantastic looking“?! Why can’t this guy learn to write and where is he driving where all the girls on the street are fantastic looking? [Read More]

Dumbass Guy That Thinks Craigslist Works to Get Chicks Gives Guys Tips on Grammar

Found on St. Louis’ “Missed Connections” Craiglist page: First impressions are everything. So, if you want to pick up a woman on here, draft your post to give the impression as though you did in fact graduate high school and possess basic literacy skills. LEARN TO SPELL AND USE PUNCTUATION! Sentences should start with a capital letter and end with period. “Txt” spelling is fine for a text, but isn’t finding that special woman worth the extra nanosecond it takes to spell out your words completely? [Read More]

Finding Love at Pridefest (by the Porta Potties)

Good luck to you buddy! While others only hang out by the Porta Potties because they drastically miscalculated the amount of beer and fair food they could pack in to their colon, this guy uses that time to find love. This is a guy that takes advantage of every situation! Pride talked to you by the porta potties….. – m4m I talked with you by the Porta potties about if you had been to the Latino Bar by 44. [Read More]

CraigsList: This One’s Not About Love

Its about road rage! Driving Down 70 – 22 (lsl) [link] I was in silver car…YOU trying to race your pathetic excuse for a car….NEXT TIME PLEASE MOVE….Seriously You had to see that you were making a fool of yourself… SO Next time just save me the trouble of having to go around you and make you look like a dumbass when you almost rear-ended another car… Cause you were to busy looking at me . [Read More]

Today’s Missed Connection: Dodge My Balls

Lets see if we can decode this one together…but I’m going to warn you, this one is really going to be tough: (link) dodge my balls – m4w (webster) and don’t kick me, blue! you should know who you are and what we were doing! … You know what? I’ve got nothing. Good luck you crazy kids, here’s hoping you hook up. Well, that one was just too crazy…lets try another: (link) [Read More]

STL Craigslist: I’m Sorry and a Marriage Demand

The fun never stops over at the St. Louis corner of everyone’s favorite hooker directory, Craigslist. We start off the week with two interesting Missed Connections. The common thread? Fellas demonstrating some interesting techniques with the ladies… Mekong, 3am, I pushed you off the booth – m4w (Mekong) I just wanted to say “that I am so sorry”. I didnt mean to push you off the booth last night. I felt like such an ass. [Read More]