CraigsList: This One’s Not About Love


Its about road rage!

Driving Down 70 – 22 (lsl) [link]

I was in silver car…YOU trying to race your pathetic excuse for a car….NEXT TIME PLEASE MOVE….Seriously You had to see that you were making a fool of yourself… SO Next time just save me the trouble of having to go around you and make you look like a dumbass when you almost rear-ended another car… Cause you were to busy looking at me ..When You should Have been looking at the FREAKING ROAD…Yes I know people stare all the time AND NO im not interested BUT THANKS The gawking is actually quite amusing /flattering,,Except for when my hubby’s around..He gets a little irritated…. 

Yeah, that kinda crap is annoying, but also you seem a little bitchy.  But you know, a one time thing that made you mad enough to type it up on Craigslist isn’t a big…

OH AND To the idiot in the suv in MIDRIVERS PARKING LOT BY Max *Erma’s YOU ALMOST HIT ME and my 3 year old little girl WHILE YOU were swerving around the parking lot yapping your bleach blonde bimbo ass on the cell phone…Whatever it was it wasnt as important as my 3 year olds life… and Next time I see you … Im going to shoot you..SO BEWARE.. 

Happy Valentines DAY!!!

Ok!  Well now we have a pattern that involves you honey.  And the whole “Im going to shoot you..SO BEWARE.. ” stuff?  Yikes.

Such anger.  I hate to say it, but I think I miss the creepy love that we usually find in Missed Connections.