Trouble at the Big 550: Vic and Brian Kelly Fired.

Update x3 below!

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So much for the reunion of Vic and Trish on The Big 550 AM, as of today Vic has been let go as well as Frank  Brian Kelly in the news room. 

Although this seems sudden, there has been a steady dose of fear running through the 550 office all week, that finally culminated today.  There was no mention of a specific reason for the chopping other than “Radio doesn’t make any money these days.”  

Apparently the vibe the staff has been getting, even after the loss of Vic and Kelly, has been bad enough that the our sources say many employee feel that “its not if I’ll be let go, but when.”

Good luck to those that survived this cut at 550.

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Update #1:

The RFT did some digging and found out this:

The station is going to have to reshuffle its line-up, but general manager Tim Dorsey won’t give up the details just yet. Dorsey tells me Cindy Collins (who normally filled in when Porcelli was out) and Trish Gazall will do the early morning show next week; McGraw Milhaven will do his regular 9 – 11:45 a.m. show.

They are also reporting Brian Kelly was fired, not Frank as we originally reported from our source.  Since they have the 550 GM on the record, we are going to go with them.

Thanks guys!

Update #2:

STLog now has heard from a source that Milhaven could move to the mornings followed by John Brown and then Frank O. Pinion in his current slot.  Though, they are still trying to figure out what to do with the 10a-11a slot.

Update #3:

For those that have asked, we have heard word that Trish (of Vic and Trish) is staying on and will be now paired with John Brown in mid-days.