Tough Angry Biker Guy: 0; Old Man With Semi-Automatic Weapon: 1

At least two people have been killed in East St. Louis shootings over the long weekend that started with a “Stop the Violence” rally, but if you think that’s news then we should also tell you about the Cubs being horrible and how Taco Bell makes us poop. What is a little more news like is that a man was shot today on an overpass after what appears to be a “road rage” incident…and it happened deep in St. [Read More]

CraigsList: This One’s Not About Love

Its about road rage! Driving Down 70 – 22 (lsl) [link] I was in silver car…YOU trying to race your pathetic excuse for a car….NEXT TIME PLEASE MOVE….Seriously You had to see that you were making a fool of yourself… SO Next time just save me the trouble of having to go around you and make you look like a dumbass when you almost rear-ended another car… Cause you were to busy looking at me . [Read More]