Tough Angry Biker Guy: 0; Old Man With Semi-Automatic Weapon: 1

Tough Angry Biker Guy: 0; Old Man With Semi-Automatic Weapon: 1

At least two people have been killed in East St. Louis shootings over the long weekend that started with a “Stop the Violence” rally, but if you think that’s news then we should also tell you about the Cubs being horrible and how Taco Bell makes us poop. What is a little more news like is that a man was shot today on an overpass after what appears to be a “road rage” incident…and it happened deep in St. Charles County! It turns out it’s not just the city folk packing heat, it’s everyone in the bi-state area.

According to police, a 65-year-old man driving a car allegedly cut-off a motorcycle, driven by a woman, on westbound 1-70 at 1:45 p.m. The car then pulled off the interstate at Bryan Road, followed by the woman as well as her 49-year-old husband on a separate motorcycle.

Here’s where we Zack Morris-style pause the block quote and ask who you think the shooter was? The biker, the girl biker or the old man? Pretend we didn’t just tell you in the title.

All three people were stopped at a signal on Bryan Road when the male motorcyclist got off his bike, approached the car and allegedly exchanged words with driver. According to reports, the motorcyclist began to physically assault the 65-year-old man.

We wonder what the light was at this point, because if it was green and these dudes were fighting instead of going we’d be so pissed. It was like 100 degrees yesterday and that’s a pretty good Quiktrip at that exit. We’d already be drinking our 32 oz if these two assholes wouldn’t just end this stupid fight already! Come on!

The man then pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shot the motorcyclist once in the chest and fled the scene.

Woah, ok. Didn’t mean that! We actually already missed the light anyway, so…you know what, I’m just going to do one of those “take the right on red and then u-turn it to get through the light” jobs. I will call the cops from Quiktrip! And by “call the cops from Quiktrip,” I mean I will turn my head slightly while trying to fill my Coke up to the very top of my cup by dumping out excess foam and say “Hey some guy just got shot outside on the overpass.” to the cop standing next to me doing the same thing with his Diet Mountain Dew.

via KMOV