KSDK Found Shorts For the Cardinal Game Streaker (Updated)

Update: The is word that it wasn’t Photoshopped, but he was brought the shorts from the stands. The videos don’t show that however. Apologies to KSDK.

Original post follows because we just can’t let that Pirate Pants thing we made go to waste.

Everyone is all over the Cardinals streaker story this morning because some guy running around with his junk out is widely entertaining during a Cardinals game and a captive audience, but not funny at all when we do it at the mall or at a Pee Wee Football game.

KSDK has the best take on the streaker, not because of their amazing insight consisting of 5 lines of text, but because they for some reason Photoshoped shorts on the streaker only showed shots of him with shorts on!

What the hell is the point of that?! The story is a story because he was as streaker…as in naked. Of course you don’t want to show a flapping wang on your site (unless you’re Joe Sports Fan.com), but maybe since the whole point is that the guy is naked, you don’t waste a bunch of time putting shorts on the guy and instead just do the blurred thing. If only KSDK would show this much initiative in fact checking and sourcing actual news stories, but no, this kind of stuff is more important.

…and why cargo shorts?! Did you forget to also Photoshop on a pink faded polo shirt? Hell, just Photoshop Busch Stadium away too and put the streaker in a St. Charles County Lowes while you’re at it. (see update above) While we’re thankful the KSDK Photoshopper didn’t go with cut-off jean shorts, we think, if you really want to put pants on the guy, you should go with something a little more flowy and festive. Like pirate pants (artist’s rendering below):

We will give them credit for this shot though, which, while once again has the stupid shorts on the guy, it also captures Matt Holliday stealing a peek:

via KSDK and Joe Sports Fan