STL Craigslist: I’m Sorry and a Marriage Demand

The fun never stops over at the St. Louis corner of everyone’s favorite hooker directory, Craigslist.  We start off the week with two interesting Missed Connections.  The common thread?  Fellas demonstrating some interesting techniques with the ladies…

Mekong, 3am, I pushed you off the booth – m4w (Mekong)

I just wanted to say “that I am so sorry”. I didnt mean to push you off the booth last night. I felt like such an ass. I totally deserved it when you punched me in the face. Once again. Sorry. [Source]

Kinda wish he would elaborate as to what happened up to the point where he pushed a girl off a booth in such a vicious way that he deserved and punch in the face…

That was a good one, but this one is really the best of Craiglist: Weird, odd location, even odder title, and a strong sense of entitlement…

Do I have a chewing problem? First Watch – m4w – 32 (in orbit)

You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I am going to marry you. [Source]

Are we to assume that some woman came up to him and asked him if he had a “chewing problem” (which you know had to be gross…I mean what “chewing problem” can you think of that doesn’t involve seeing chewed food in some form or fashion) and because of that interaction, this dude is making it his life’s work to marry her…and girl that by all assumed measure thinks he is gross.  Yes.  I believe thats it.  

Keep up the good work Casanovas of St. Louis!