Saint Louis, The Heartland of… Health?

Welcome to St. Louis, the nation’s 16th fittest state, as according to “Men’s Fitness” magazine. I just read the article announcing this list and yes, I was proud that my city was listed in the top 25. But you know what my knee jerk reaction was? “Really? That doesn’t seem right!” I mean, come on. We’re the city that gave the world Budweiser… and John Goodman. Our city newscasters count Jeff Bernthal and Rich Gould among their number. Aren’t we supposed to be corn-fed, happy and… FAT? I guess not. I used to walk around Saint Louis, comforted in the fact that I blended in with the apple-cheeked, pillowy Midwestern citizenry. But no longer. I guess it’s time to hit the gym. Damn you all.

*Faces have been covered because, let’s face it. No one wants to be known as a fat-ass.