Holy Crap, the Internet Might Have Found “Chris”!

Remember way back to yesterday? About those bitches who were talking about cheating on their boyfriend and then that awesome dude got them back like a super badass? Go check it out. We’ll wait. Have you ever seen a dog happier than this? Oh, your back. Lets continue. Well we have an update to that story, once again, courtesy of Reddit. Hey, How’s it going? I wanted to thank you for your craigslist post. [Read More]

A Redditor Gets Back at Two Cheating St. Louis Bitches

A story about two horrible people and one guy that got them back is making the rounds and it all took place in St. Louis. A young, college aged woman sits down by herself and orders a Bud Light at the two-top next to us. Shortly after, her slightly older female friend joins her. They begin loudly discussing the fact that the young lady JUST has cheated on her boyfriend at a party. [Read More]

St. Louisans Find Love at Area Walmarts

If you don’t think Walmart is in our midwestern blood stream like that really bad case of gonorrhea we got when I fooled around with that heiress bartender stripper hooker in the parking lot of the Casino Queen [Editor’s Note: Call me Porsche!], then you got another thing coming! Not only do we buy mayonnaise in bulk there, we also tend to find love by the gallon! One quick look through missed connections on Craigslist found 18 attempts to reconnect that person they felt an instant connection through the crowds of blue vests and hairy-backed men in sleeveless shirts. [Read More]

Do Ladies Like to be Hit On at the Gym?

A fellow St. Louisian asks on Craigslist: Not really sure where this should be posted…but my question to you ladies… …while working out at the gym, do you/would you be open to a man approaching you? It’s not that I’m afraid to, I just wonder bc I wouldn’t want to intrude on “your time”, as I’m there for the main reason of working out, but sometimes can’t help one of u catching my eye! [Read More]

STL Craigslist: I’m Sorry and a Marriage Demand

The fun never stops over at the St. Louis corner of everyone’s favorite hooker directory, Craigslist. We start off the week with two interesting Missed Connections. The common thread? Fellas demonstrating some interesting techniques with the ladies… Mekong, 3am, I pushed you off the booth – m4w (Mekong) I just wanted to say “that I am so sorry”. I didnt mean to push you off the booth last night. I felt like such an ass. [Read More]