Do Ladies Like to be Hit On at the Gym?

A fellow St. Louisian asks on Craigslist:

Not really sure where this should be posted…but my question to you ladies… 

…while working out at the gym, do you/would you be open to a man approaching you? 

It’s not that I’m afraid to, I just wonder bc I wouldn’t want to intrude on “your time”, as I’m there for the main reason of working out, but sometimes can’t help one of u catching my eye! 

Let’s hear what u have to say ladies!

He also included a photo of the Cardinals logo…you know, just to be super relevant.

So, well…would you?  While you’re working up a sweat, would you want the average St. Louis dude rolling up on you asking if you come here often?

Lets collect some answers here and then I’ll post them back on Craigslist for our friend.