Maybe Girls Just Don’t Like Retards…

Found last evening on St. Louis’ Craiglist Missed Connections section:

to the girls on the hiway[sic] im[sic] their cars – m4w (interstates[sic])

every day i drive down the a shiny jeep all decked out.and i see so many pretty ladies going by,shopping,to work,to who knows where.they are all fantastic looking.but do they look at me or anyone?

“hiway”? “im their cars“? “they are all fantastic looking“?! Why can’t this guy learn to write and where is he driving where all the girls on the street are fantastic looking?!

Can’t imagine why the women of St. Louis wouldn’t want to make eye contact with creepy retard in his jeep as he gawks at them driving by. This then leads to the follow-up question: What if they do make eye-contact? What then? You going to pull over and they’ll run to your arms in slow motion? Girls don’t do that dude. If they run at all, its away from you…eventually they get tired though…its all about keeping in shape….and getting one of those big white no-windows-in-the-back vans…and duct tape.

via Craigslist