St. Louis’ Not-So-Missed Connections

Everyone knows and loves perusing Craigslist’s Missed Connections section, and while we don’t like to make a habit of it, we’re no different. It’s amazing how entertaining it is to read people’s desperate attempts to get a hold of someone that they met in a chance connection like checking out at a Schnucks or grabbing a bite to eat at a local White Castle. It’s also amazing how many people don’t seem to fully understand the intent of “Missed Connections”. Specifically, the missed part. Take for example this gentleman who wants to reconnect with the guy that blew him last week:

There’s lots of ways to describe this connection, but “missed” isn’t one of them. You’d think you’d at least trade Facebook information sometime around the time his nose connected with your pubes. We do love the one detail he did remember: “I think you drove a Honda.” Good luck buddy! We’d hate to see a great relationship like this never get the chance to blossom. Can’t wait the “How’d you two meet?!” story!

Then there’s this guy who’s post is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, then shoved up a butt. The only thing we do know for sure, is that this isn’t a Missed Connection:

This is a man looking for a woman, and the title is (emphasis ours): “the sun will shin in my back door someday…” …ummm. What? Again, it sounds like these two crazy kids connected at some point, so it’s hardly a missed connection, but it is a connection we wish we missed. What is he looking for here? He wants sun to shine in his “back door”, but the location of the post is “up your butt” implying her butt. It’s almost as confusing as it is disturbing.


Actually it’s not that close.

Isn’t there anyone in St. Louis looking for someone in a true, and not entirely crazy, missed connection?!

A 42 year-old man looking for “young blond” at PT’s?! Ugh! Jesus, that is just…

Close enough.