One Ice Cream Truck, Two Robberies

One Ice Cream Truck, Two Robberies

An ice cream truck stopped outside the O’Fallon Place apartment complex in North City was the scene of two different robberies happening at the exact same time…and they both happened after the thugs had paid for their ice cream.

19 year-old Ronell Ross, handed his money to the ice cream truck driver’s 10 year-old son just moments before he busted inside, putting his gun against the head of the woman driver while her son plead for her life. All while outside the truck, a man who had been talking to the driver was being robbed at gunpoint as well. The ice cream was also probably way overpriced, but it seems off-color to call the price of your Rocket Pop “highway robbery” while this was going on. You can get a whole box at the store for the same price people, that’s all we’re saying.

“If they’re bold enough to rob somebody running a business—a woman with her 10-year-old son there—they’re obviously desperate,” St. Louis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Paul Piatchek said.  “They’ll do what they have to do; whatever opportunity arises to commit their crimes, so it’s really good to get them off the street.  This isn’t the first crime they’ve committed, so they’re probably doing other stuff out there.”

We don’t feel at all better about anything after hearing that. Thanks Sgt. Piatchek. Off to cry and await our certain death at the hands of some junkie with a gun now!

We really hope the driver turned off the whimsical little tune ice cream trucks are always playing, because to have a gun to your head while your kid is pleading for you life all while this song is playing overhead is pretty amazingly messed up. It’s like a Tarantino movie or something. Maybe it would be cool if Samuel L. Jackson was the one robbing you, but even that seems like a stretch because he actually kinda scares us still. Ok, if it was Samuel L. Jackson, but not the scary one, but the one from the lame Star Wars movies. That would be OK.

Everyone involved is fine and the police have Ross in custody. They claim to know who the identities of the other two men, and are currently looking for their whereabouts.

via KMOV