The Cardinals Couldn’t Even Get a Hit With a 100 Pound Metal Plate

A 100-pound steel plate fell off Busch Stadium Monday afternoon. It fell the height of the park, safely crashing to the ground below, proving that nothing with a Cardinal logo can seem to hit anything these days.

Crews roped off an area outside of Busch Stadium after a section of metal soffit fell to the sidewalk below after ground crews discovered the problem Monday afternoon.

Had the Cardinals been at home and the stadium filled with people, this metal plate would have just turned at least two hoosiers, an old lady, and one minority about to be the first in their family to go to college in to little more than sticky paste on the Busch Stadium sidewalk. The ridiculous amount of work it would take to scrap that paste out of all the little nooks in those engraved sidewalk bricks would only be second to the amount of work the Cardinals would have had to do to keep from being the poster boys of the new national “Oh god! Not even sporting events are safe for our kids!” hysteria.

You know, you go to a game, hang around a bit afterwards, and you see Red’s manager Dusty Baker standing on a ladder. You don’t think to yourself “Why is Dusty Baker on a ladder mumbling to himself about the Cardinals?” all you can think of is “Wow, I’m meeting Dusty Baker! Sure I’ll hand him that wrench he asked for! What could go wrong?”

via KMOV