No Legs or Money, But Plenty of Commitment

IMG_0299Here’s to you handicapped, semi-homeless guy outside Busch Stadium!  No, there isn’t anyone within a mile off you, but there you are, wheelchair brake applied, cup sticking out.  Who’s going to put money in there?  I have no idea and neither do you, but screw that!  Who needs common sense?!  Sure you could just bring the cup in a put it in your lap since no one is on either horizon, but thats how cheaters beg as fas as you’re concerned!  Maybe flip the cup over and bang on it for a little entertainment, or maybe throw the cup on your stump, see if it fits…no, those childish games aren’t for you!  Leave the cup right where it is…people will come, its only the 7th inning!

…or wait.  Maybe he’s dead.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t moved.  Shit, someone better go check on that guy.