Who Says There Isn’t Fine Real Estate Available in St. Louis?

One of our more keen-eyed tipsters, Andy, emailed in to tell us about a fine little spot for those interested in a cute little place with a wide-open floor plan.

For Sale!

Feel the excitement and energy of downtown living at its finest!

44,000+ sq. ft. studio in the heart of the revitalized loft district!

Imagine, your own outdoor jacuzzi / washing machine!  10+ bathrooms!

TIF available, low utility bills, and plenty of nature surround this gem.

Why pay $250,000+ for an overrated apartment with a roof when you can have all of this plus more!

Imagine walking across the street to work panhandling the tourists as they eat their dinner.

Bring out your inner sex offender with downtown’s newest school just one block away!

For info contact “Toofless” behind 1411 Locust near the sanitation receptacle.


Those laid off from, or force out of, the Post Dispatch get first dibs!