Apparently “Parades of Pink” Aren’t Just For the East Side

P1010177You know how sometimes you catch a glimpse of something and you are all like “Oh hells yeah!  Where’s a change machine, I need me some singles…did these pants just get tight?” but then you read more and you hear this little drooping sound from your crotch?

That just happened when I saw a news post for a “Parade of Pink”…its what what you think…its way way gayer.

Members of the Wentville Firefighters Community Outreach will host a 7k run, a 1-mile walk and 1:30 p.m. “Parade of Pink.

A pink firetruck will stop in Lake Saint Louis and Wentzville next month as part of a nationwide fund-raising tour for breast cancer research.

[The] fund-raising festival that will include a barbecue, a beer garden, events for children, a “pink pet” parade, raffles, a balloon launch and t-shirt sales.

I can never get my mind around how something so overtly gay that it includes a pink firetruck but can still be about boobs.

I should also mention that Punching Kitty headquarters has always offered free breast exams if you are hot…we’ll also grab your but if you think you might have cute ass cancer.

More info at Chas Beat and Pink Heals News