Sports Agent Harold Lewis Got a Really Good Deal on a House in Lake St. Louis

The big talk out in western St. Charles County for the last few months has been the goings on of this really big ass house that was constructed in Lake St. Louis. Not exactly a lot going on out there apparently. Created by the owner of the now defunct US Fidelis, who made craploads of money by selling extended auto-service contracts before getting panned for shoddy service and are now bankrupt, the 20,752-square-foot mansion was described on the listing thusly… [Read More]

Lake St. Louis Bans Smoking Too

In yet another “me too” political action, another St. Louis area is moving to ban smoking. City leaders could ban smoking in Lake St. Louis. The aldermen could vote on a proposed ban this evening. If a ban passes, Lake St. Louis would be the first city in St. Charles County to be smoke free. Well there’s something to hang your hat on. No more smoking in all the fine Lake St. [Read More]

Lake St. Louis Creates Way for Bored Housewives to Get Rid of Latino Couple Down the Street

In America we like things nice and easy. We like our cheese pressurized, our lights clappable, and we want a really easy way to report any person we might think is an illegal immigrant on a whim. Thank the City Council of Lake St. Louis, Missouri who’s roster is not to be confused with Senator McCarthy’s pose back in the day, (but we will excuse you if you did) for taking the step to make a system to identify and report illegal immigrants easier. [Read More]

Apparently “Parades of Pink” Aren’t Just For the East Side

You know how sometimes you catch a glimpse of something and you are all like “Oh hells yeah! Where’s a change machine, I need me some singles…did these pants just get tight?” but then you read more and you hear this little drooping sound from your crotch? That just happened when I saw a news post for a “Parade of Pink”…its what what you think…its way way gayer. Members of the Wentville Firefighters Community Outreach will host a 7k run, a 1-mile walk and 1:30 p. [Read More]

Lake St. Louis is the Ninth Best Place to Live in America

We are of a city-loving sort here at Punching Kitty, but we didn’t spend our formative years in the city, and our mother never lets us forget it. It gets a little harder to brush off your mom’s pro-county arguments when her very own town and the place you grew up grabs the number 9 spot on CNN’s list of the top places to live in America. Sigh. Created 40 years ago as a resort community, this friendly town outside St. [Read More]

So Much For Not Getting the Gremlins Wet: Lake St. Louis’ Polar Bear Plunge

We had the opportunity to head out across the bridge and to Lake St. Louis to this year’s Polar Bear Plunge. It was far more packed with people than we thought, so we just had to snap off a few pictures: <p> Way to be everything people on the coasts thing Middle America is! </p> <p> Were you there? Do you have any photos that either support or (hopefully) refute my conclusion? [Read More]