Lake St. Louis Bans Smoking Too

In yet another “me too” political action, another St. Louis area is moving to ban smoking.

City leaders could ban smoking in Lake St. Louis.

The aldermen could vote on a proposed ban this evening.

If a ban passes, Lake St. Louis would be the first city in St. Charles County to be smoke free.

Well there’s something to hang your hat on.  No more smoking in all the fine Lake St. Louis establishments like…Schnucks…or…um….Denny’s.  Wait a minute I see what’s going on here…there isn’t any real need to ban smoking in Lake St. Louis!  This must all be a distraction to what they are really banning!  We did a little research and if you actually really the whole ban you can see what’s really going down out there somewhere in the haze of look-a-like homes known as “West of 270 County”:

Lake St. Louis will create a public ban on SMOKING…and also the following:

  • Mexicans (seriously)
  • Teenagers
  • Anyone wearing a bandana
  • Any non-pontoon boat related fun.
  • References to Lake of the Ozarks.
  • People named Jamal.
  • Loud music
  • Ironic tshirts
  • Punching

Lake St. Louis might have won this round, but chewing tabacco has never been more powerful.

Update: It passed.