Sports Agent Harold Lewis Got a Really Good Deal on a House in Lake St. Louis

The big talk out in western St. Charles County for the last few months has been the goings on of this really big ass house that was constructed in Lake St. Louis. Not exactly a lot going on out there apparently.

Created by the owner of the now defunct US Fidelis, who made craploads of money by selling extended auto-service contracts before getting panned for shoddy service and are now bankrupt, the 20,752-square-foot mansion was described on the listing thusly…

This European inspired mansion has an array of handpicked, imported materials and unique finishes from exquisite walnut and marble to spectacular molding details and natural finishes throughout. Features music room, turret room, movie theater, indoor bowling alley, 8,000 sq ft outdoor entertaining area, safe room, second living quarters, study, billiard room, art studio, spa-retreat, playroom, exercise room, eight car garage, and porte cochere. Majestic floor plan of 40,000 square feet for living and entertaining in the grand style of the Newport cottages.

The “house” has been valued as high as $26 Million dollars and yet sold for $4.75 Million to an anonymous bidder just the other day. But who is this mystery bidder?! We don’t care, but we also have things to do. Others cared a lot and figured out that it was none other than mega St. Louis celebrity Harold Lewis.

We know what you’re thinking: Never heard of him, so it must be a Blues player.

Not quite, but he is sports-related. Harold Lewis is the president of the St. Louis based National Sports Agency who’s clients include NFL players like the New York Jets’ Bart Scott, Philadelphia Eagles’ Ellis Hobbs, St. Louis Rams David Vobora and Jason Brown. In his younger days, Lewis was drafted by the New York Mets in 1978 and more recently appeared on the 2005 SpikeTV reality show “Super Agent” where…

In each episode the sports agents were given assignments that allowed them to demonstrate their skills and talents as agents for Cody as he deliberated on which agent would ultimately be hired to manage his multi-million dollar American football career.

Sounds horrible.

Have fun in your new giant house St. Louis-based NFL agent Harold Lewis! You wanna know what we would do with an 8,000 square foot “entertainment” room? We don’t want to totally give it away since there’s always a chance Google might buy us, but lets just say it would involve vanilla pudding, kosher hot dogs, 14 red-headed ladies, 2 blonde chicks, Lucy Liu and a snorkel. Also we could never go in to that room again.

via STLToday