Stadium Health Inspection Report: The St. Louis Blues Are Really Clean

The Blues Win Something! Hello? Hello?! They Won Something. No one cares?

Ok, we might have been overselling it somewhat. They didn’t really win anything…but their stadium did!

According to ESPN, out of the three major sporting venues in St. Louis, only the Blues’ home, the Scottrade Center, score perfect with no “critical violations”. The score is a percentage of vendors with health code violations out of the total vendors.

Scottrade Center

St. Louis Blues

Vendors with critical violations: 0%

Inspection report excerpt: No critical or major violations.

Perfection for Scottrade. Frankly this is not a surprise. The Blues ownership has done very well to help out their venue since signing on a few years back.

Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals

Vendors with critical violations: 12%

Inspection report excerpt: No hand towels at a hand-washing sink caused two stands to incur critical violations.

Busch Stadium comes in second with 12%, because it was missing hand towels. This is surprising news in that we didn’t realize many Cardinal fans actually washed their hands when leaving the john between innings.

Edward Jones Dome

St. Louis Rams

Vendors with critical violations: 21%

Inspection report excerpt: One location got a critical violation for not having hand towels at a sink.

The Rams? Dead last naturally with 21% of the vendors in violation of the health code. We aren’t sure yet if this score includes all the shit the team laid all over the playing surface last year.

In case you were wondering, and we know you were, the over-all lowest scores were dropped at the Colorado Avalanche’s home at the Pepsi Center…

Pepsi Center

Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche

Vendors with critical violations: 67%

Inspection report excerpt: At one bar, inspectors found phorid flies, sometimes called coffin flies, in a bottle of cognac.

…the Miami Heat’s home base, American Airlines Arena, which is apparently not fit for a “king”…

American Airlines Arena

Miami Heat

Vendors with critical violations: 93%

Inspection report excerpt: Critical violations included several safety issues related to electrical wiring and such equipment as gas boilers.

…and Tropicana Field, home of the Rays…

Tropicana Field

Tampa Bay Rays

Vendors with critical violations: 100%

Inspection report excerpt: Several violations addressed dirty countertops, utensils and equipment. Although every report indicated a critical violation, all vendors met basic inspection standards to keep operating.

Looking at this list as a whole consider yourself lucky St. Louis, we have amazing clean sporting arenas compared to the rest of the nation. Oh and if you go to a Royals game, don’t use a knife:

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City Royals

Vendors with critical violations: 62%

Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors cited one location with multiple violations for having several items that were either above or below safe temperatures; they found food debris on knives stored in a knife rack.