Remember to Wash Your 7-Year-Olds Only on the Delicate Cycle

A Joplin, MO girl was tossing around a washing machine for 12 full minutes before her mother and the laundromat staff could get her out.

Authorities said Chloe Crow and her sister tried to use a washing machine at a laundromat, but after putting their money in, the machine didn’t work. Chloe climbed inside the machine, thinking it was broken.

…yup, that’s the move. Please remember to tell this girl that this is an appropriate way to check if things are working. If the oven isn’t getting warm, climbing in isn’t your best option. Also sometimes crocodiles will sit still with their mouth open, don’t climb in there because they look like they aren’t working.

The girl is fine though after 155 staples and a few more stitches later, assuming you call looking like frankenstein fine. Her mother however is now out to find someone else to blame!

Her mother said the machines should have an emergency shut down button.

Yeah, but why stop there?! Lets add a “whoops I wasn’t watching button”…it might be easier to just add a “do your damn job and watch your kids” button to her ass though.

via KMOV