The Rush Limbaugh Bust in Jeff City Has It’s Own 24-Hour Surveillance Camera

Maybe you didn’t hear, but they actually did end up putting that Rush Limbaugh bust in the state capitol’s “Hall of Statues of Famous Missourians No One Comes to Visit Ever”. It was unveiled in a private, pretty much all Republican unveiling and it turns out it wasn’t just installed because his head was the perfect size to hide the button to open the secret entrance of the Batcave. This was all huge news of course with all kind of people pissed off, but we just couldn’t get ourselves to give much of a crap with all the other real problems happening like crime, war, actual politics and that the my mailman is clearly throwing away all of the letters that Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” is sending me in reply to the lovely poems I send her attached with the week’s toenail clippings. [Read More]

It Costs Just $30 to Stay at the Jefferson City Jail, Meth Optional

The Jefferson County Police are offering the chance to stay in their new jail one night, meals included, for the low low price of $30. What a deal! …right? Hmm…it sounds interesting, but something isn’t quite sitting right with us here… The newest place to stay in downtown Jefferson City opens for business next month, and the management is offering a grand-opening special: $30 for a one-night stay with dinner, breakfast and your own private cell. [Read More]

Governor Nixon Doesn’t Wear His Seat Belt

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was in a car accident Friday and it turns out he doesn’t wear his seat belt. He even (might have) said that people that do wear their seat belts are pussies and will never grow up to be big and strong like to Governor. Nixon was treated and released from a hospital after the Missouri State Highway Patrol car in which he was riding was rear-ended in a three-vehicle accident on U. [Read More]