The Rush Limbaugh Bust in Jeff City Has It’s Own 24-Hour Surveillance Camera

Maybe you didn’t hear, but they actually did end up putting that Rush Limbaugh bust in the state capitol’s “Hall of Statues of Famous Missourians No One Comes to Visit Ever”. It was unveiled in a private, pretty much all Republican unveiling and it turns out it wasn’t just installed because his head was the perfect size to hide the button to open the secret entrance of the Batcave. This was all huge news of course with all kind of people pissed off, but we just couldn’t get ourselves to give much of a crap with all the other real problems happening like crime, war, actual politics and that the my mailman is clearly throwing away all of the letters that Robin from “How I Met Your Mother”is sending me in reply to the lovely poems I send her attached with the week’s toenail clippings. [Read More]

Rush Limbaugh is Going to be in the Hall of Famous Missourians

We usually hate talking about the “obvious” news stories, but this one we had to chime in on. Everyone was all aflutter after the news broke that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is being admitted in to the “Hall of Famous Missourians”. Of course the news leaked on the sculptor’s blog almost a month ago, but lately Rush went and called a bunch of non-slutty women slutswhich it turn caused a bunch of people to remember that Rush Limbaugh still exists, and craziness ensued. [Read More]

Shut the Hell Up About Rush Limbaugh!

To: St. Louis Subject: RE: Rush Limbaugh and the Rams If he wants to buy to Rams with his money, who cares? If you don’t like him, guess what? Doesn’t matter. If you think he’s awesome…guess what? Doesn’t matter. He’ll be a freaking minority owner, so really, calm the hell down. That ownership team doesn’t have a chance as it stands right now anyway. Please stop. Also, I hear they kicked him out anyway. [Read More]