Rush Limbaugh is Going to be in the Hall of Famous Missourians

Rush Limbaugh is Going to be in the Hall of Famous Missourians

We usually hate talking about the “obvious” news stories, but this one we had to chime in on. Everyone was all aflutter after the news broke that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is being admitted in to the “Hall of Famous Missourians”. Of course the news leaked on the sculptor’s blog almost a month ago, but lately Rush went and called a bunch of non-slutty women sluts which it turn caused a bunch of people to remember that Rush Limbaugh still exists, and craziness ensued. Frankly it wouldn’t shock us one bit if Rush himself re-leaked the news of this hall selection just to stir up more free press.

On Feb. 13, Kansas City, Mo. sculptor E. Spencer Schubert posted on his blog that he was in the process of sculpting busts of Limbaugh and Dred Scott, a slave who unsuccessfully sued for freedom for himself and his family in the famous 1857 case Dred Scott v. Sandford, to go into the Missouri State Capitol. Sean Nicholson of Progress Missouri was first to flag the post.

So now that campaign to expunge Limbaugh from the big room of statues you probably didn’t know existed until yesterday has begun. Many, like Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, believe that Limbaugh shouldn’t be included in a group with such esteemed folks as fellow 2012 inductee Dred Scott, Walter CronkiteJack BuckStan Musial, and George Washington Carver. She’s not wrong. Even if you love yourself some Limbaugh, you honestly couldn’t put a guy that is basically Howard Stern for old rich white people in that group. No way. McCaskill is totally right….assuming the above list was entire hall roster. It’s isn’t. Turns out when you’re the standing Missouri Speaker of the House you can just throw anyone you want in there!

A staffer in the office of the Missouri House of Representatives did not know anything about the Limbaugh project but said that the individuals are chosen by the House Speaker. The picks do not require the approval of full chamber.

Leann Hager, a legislative assistant with Speaker Steven Tilley (R-Perryville), confirmed to The Huffington Post that Tilley had chosen three individuals to be honored this year: Limbaugh, Scott, and baseball legend Buck O’Neil, who was just inducted.

Here’s a few examples of people in the “Hall of Famous Missourians” that lots and lots of people hated:

  1. John Ashcroft

All the Democrats that are up in arms about Limbaugh, are too late in trying to protect the Hall from the super conservatives. Ashcroft, the former Missouri Governor, is already squatting there and he didn’t make a lot of friends as Attorney General.

  1. Walt Disney

He didn’t care for the Jews, and they didn’t care for him.

  1. Harry Truman

Yes he’s got a college named after him and Missouri loves their native President, but he’s not super popular over in Japan. Just sayin’. Lots of dead folks and three-armed people over there now which just doesn’t look right. Man you should see that guy go to town with the nunchucks though!

Here’s the thing though: The place is called “The Hall of Famous Missourians” not “The Hall of Universally Considered Awesome Missourians”, and all of these people are famous. Some of them are famous douche-bags, like Limbaugh (Come on! Admit it…just a little?), but he is famous. Also, who cares. None of you have ever been to the Hall, or ever will go, or will remember any of this in a month. The silver lining is that now you can go to the Hall and take a photo with your bare ass pressed against Limbaugh’s bust. Or, if you do like Limbuagh, go there and worship! Just don’t kiss the bust…we hear people put their asses on it.

via our tipster and Huffington Post

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