Top 5: St. Louis Falls in Love At Area Fast Food Resturants

Top 5: St. Louis Falls in Love At Area Fast Food Resturants

Everyone’s all high on Paris romance because they imagine a man and a woman eating cheese at a cafe in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, their eyes meet and they fall in love right there. But lets give St. Louis some credit on the romance too! The same beautiful scene happens in St. Louis all the time…just replace the cheese with a fried cheese stick, the Eiffel Tower with a mostly deserted outlet mall and make both of the people you’re imagining a little fatter and boom! Romance! Don’t believe us? Well here’s a sampling of budding fast food romances we found on Craigslist:

 #5: I caught you checking out my ponytail in McDonalds

mcdonald’s on olive – m4w – 39 (creve coure )

to the beautiful black haired woman in mcdonalds last friday february 24th. we made eye contact several times wanted to say hi. you would know it’s me because I had a ponytail and in my work uniform. I hope you read this I would love to hear from you. I can’t seem to get you out of my thoughts…I go in there every morning as much as possible hoping to see you again. next time I will say hi for sure. hope I didn’t miss out on something wonderful. Rob

We’re not a lady, but we’d imagine when you’re in the middle of your McDonald’s shift just trying to get through the day before you see someone you know and are then forced the kill yourself, you definitely take the time to notice the sexy man in his work uniform rocking a ponytail.


#4: I loved your shake…Oreo and otherwise!

Jack in the Box Lemay – m4w (St. Louis)

You were easily the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen at a fast food place. You made me the oreo shake on Tuesday night, I’d like to talk to you more so if you actually read this then lets go from there. I’m not old or creepy, and I have a good job :D

The best way to make sure ladies know you aren’t creepy is to quickly remind them that most guys are creepy by saying out of the blue that you aren’t.


#3: Chicks dig the shoes.

Harry at Arby’s – w4m (Granite City, Illinois)

You complimented me on my shoes :-)

Hope you find this

How to attract a man tip #8343983: Wear the hooker pumps to Arby’s.


#2: Just something about cleaning nasty meat turns her on.

Hwy K & 70 Taco bell employee – m4w (63366)

I came in to eat around lunchtime today(monday) at the taco bell on K and 70 while you were working. You were an older blonde who took my order, cleaned some tables while I was there, and even took my tray away for me. Dunno why, but I felt like you were checking me out and it kinda turned me on

You might not know why you felt like she was checking you out, but we do: You’re a weirdo that eats lunch at Taco Bell and puts the minimum amount of effort in to picking up the “older blonde” employee so he can tell his internet buddies that he “so almost banged in the bathroom at Taco Bell”. It’s like looking in to a black and white text, browser default font-ed mirror.


#1: I’ll always remember your grey sweatpants.

You were wearing gray sweats – m4m (Godfrey)

You were at Subway around 11:30. You used the bathroom before leaving the restaurant. Tell me what kind of car you drove away in. Please put Subway in the subject line so I know your not spam.

You’re never going to find your true love being as generic as “the girl in Subway wearing sweatpants”. Also, really good call in throwing in the spam protection, because I best all kinds of people are going to be emailing you without reading this fully.