Nameless Statues Appear in Front of Scottrade Center

It took a few months, but someone finally noticed the two statues of…some…uh…dudes in front of Scottrade Center. Hmm. We feel like we should know who these statues are of, but without proper name plates how the hell are we supposed to know? Hockey player statues need name plates ok?! NFL? Baseball? Totally different stories. St. Louisans can spot even a crappy likeness of Stan Musial a mile away, but hockey players? [Read More]

The Blues Are For Sale Again

For those unaware, St. Louis has a hockey team and it’s up for sale again. Dave Checketts, the owner of the St. Louis Blues since 2005, has put his chunk of the team up for sale after months of trying to find other partners after the bulk of his initial backing left. So Checketts will step out of the way and put his personal stake on the market with the hope of expediting a sale. [Read More]

Chrissy Pronger?: Chicago Takes Aim at Ex-Blue

We remember Chris Pronger, we just don’t remember him having such a great ass and set of gams! Rrrrrrrow! That pull out poster appeared in the Chicago Tribune just after game 5 of the Stanley Cups finals. Some have called it tasteless, others have said “What the hell is hockey?”, but when asked directly, Pronger himself only had this to say: “I don’t read what you guys write. Good or bad. [Read More]